secrets part deux

September 30, 2009

just to give a taste.

this secret is complete
yokoo gifty

this one is near completion
secret 2

i’m off to chicago tomorrow. i’m excited to see me my old knitters and shop at nina and see my old chicago peeps.

and possibly pick up a ralph lauren holiday candle

who’s to say?!

OM f*cking G!

September 29, 2009

so we went here for Veronica’s 25th birthday.

as we were waiting for the bill, i looked up.
who did i see (in his classic ‘in every single paparazzi photo’ grey hoodie)?


i died.

and can i just say, both of them are way more beautiful in real life.
i have multiple witnesses to back me up.


September 26, 2009

so i’ve had two secret projects i’ve been working on.
one is done, the other close.
not having a camera has really helped me not talk about them.
but there is still some time to go before the recipients get their surprise so let’s talk about my current obsession.

it would be this:
first sweater
first sweater back

this would be my first sweater.
it’s a top-down raglan recipe sweater done in cascade eco-wool (ebony)
i am knitting like mad on my last secret in order to get back to this, my love.

it’s exactly what i need to knit on to get over not getting into the port ludlow retreat.
* sigh *


September 25, 2009

so here’s the e-mail:

Hi Steven,

I’m sorry to tell you that sadly, all the spots at the retreat have been filled. We’ll definitely do it again, and I wish we had room for everyone this time. I hope we’ll see you at the next one.


i knew this would happen. but i am disappointed.

September 25, 2009

so the first time i’m not stalking the yarn harlot every second of the day, she drops this little bomb

if by some act of god i get accepted, please help me fundraise

*tap tap* is this thing on? is anyone out there?

thanks be to . . .

September 23, 2009

i had a bit of a stressful day yesterday.
i’m finally feeling the full weight of school and life.
all i have to say is thank god for xanax and knitting.

but really i’m lucky.
very, very lucky.
because this is what happens when i go to work:
Steven's shots 002
Steven's shots 004
(that’s yvonne in that giant bag)

and this is how i feel every single day there
Steven's shots 012

knit on bitches!

blast from the past

September 22, 2009

i received and e-mail today.
an e-mail from an old college friend.
in it were pictures of times past, a happier time, a time with more freedom.

one of them reveals my knitting beginnings (literally).

Knitting Origins

things to note in this photo:

long metal needles
green fun fur yarn
my long ‘college’ hair
the knitting lady’s glasses
the rapt expression on my face

things note not in this photo:

this was during a 2 a.m. grocery run in Meijer.
we happened into the ‘yarn aisle’ to find the knitter lady
she literally taught us to knit right then and there.
(e-wrap cast on, english style)

that’s what knitters are like.
they need to spread the word.
the yarn harlot was right.

took a risk

September 17, 2009

and drove to school today.
got a parking spot right behind Baker Hall, my building.
my good week continues.

soon, more knitting will be revealed.
a camera is on the way.

my new enemy

September 2, 2009

take a good look.
this is my new enemy.
The Enemy
no, not that nice lady! that’s Kelli, my manager. (look at that focus)
my enemy is that ball winder.

now, i’ve been getting my yarn wound for a while.
and i have my own winder and swift at home.
never have i run into a snag, tangle, knot, or mysterious third end.

and yet, this winder has given me some serious issues.

it hates me.

everyone else is allowed to go at full speed but not i! i must always proceed with caution or face its inevitable wrath. it’s like the winder is hazing me or something.

i think the swift might be in on it.