blast from the past

September 22, 2009

i received and e-mail today.
an e-mail from an old college friend.
in it were pictures of times past, a happier time, a time with more freedom.

one of them reveals my knitting beginnings (literally).

Knitting Origins

things to note in this photo:

long metal needles
green fun fur yarn
my long ‘college’ hair
the knitting lady’s glasses
the rapt expression on my face

things note not in this photo:

this was during a 2 a.m. grocery run in Meijer.
we happened into the ‘yarn aisle’ to find the knitter lady
she literally taught us to knit right then and there.
(e-wrap cast on, english style)

that’s what knitters are like.
they need to spread the word.
the yarn harlot was right.