the day has come

October 29, 2009

i don’t know about y’all, but i love addi turbos.
when i was first learning to knit, my gauge was unbelievably tight and while i loved straight wooden needles, i needed some help. i recall a ‘large’ women’s mitten i once made that wouldn’t fit a 5 year old. and that was after going up 2 needle sizes.

so nina suggested i try addi turbos.

i’ve never looked back.

for months now, ever since my first (or maybe second) visit to natural stitches and especially now that i work there, i have been lusting after the addi clicks. they’ve been on backorder forever and anytime anyone mentioned skacel, my heart jumped.

well, on monday october 26, we got our shipment, and i got my wish.
addi love
addi love open
addi love open 2
isn’t it beautiful?

let us bow our heads

October 26, 2009

i was walking on forbes toward the cathedral and came upon a knitter, sitting in the sunshine happily knitting a sweater in the round.

ez would be so proud.

but as i got closer i noticed something shocking.

it was her yarn. scratchy evil red heart.

let us pray not only for her knitterly soul but for that poor unfortunate person who has to wear it.



October 19, 2009

as i work to complete two sweaters, one baby and one me sized, i decided to pause to bring your attention to some interesting news.

that’s right. miss yokoo herself is collaborating with urban outfitters. if you didn’t the she was mad famous before, you best believe she is now.

that shit is craze.

i love buying her stuff (handmade) and plan to buy more (handmade and U.O. made) for the foreseeable future. (gotta remember to save those pennies).

but there’s something bittersweet about a great designer blowing up. sure, they get the major props they deserve, but will they still have time to message me back? will they have the strength to keep it real? will they have desire to bring a crazy vision of mine to life with a hook, needles, paint, etc?

i believe yokoo will. as she said, etsy made her and she wont forget that.

so check out her new and improved blog and give it up for one badass bitch, miss yokoo

(photo courtesy of yokoo's flickr)

(photo courtesy of yokoo's flickr)

a week in photos

October 11, 2009

i have been such a busy bee. can you handle a long post?

went to chicago for Jeanne’s reception.

i worked on her gift (aka secret #2)
(that blue line to the end, that’s how long it took to get from pittsburgh to chicago)

and finished it at nina
le secret # 2

went to Victory’s Banner
victory's banner

with my good friend caroline
hung out with jenny

ate a feed with old friends

(i love feed)
cock shot

i watched the michigan vs. michigan state game with the langs
lang ladies

it was a close game

but we won (go state!).

then it was time for the reception

erin and jenny were there

there was SO much FOOD!

and there was this guy
chicken head

but jeanne was beautiful

and we all had a great time
double happiness

i had a pretty good weekend

but my week continued.

i made a mini feast for my roomie and me
thanks be

and we made a mini collage of jenny m.’s mini portraits. (isn’t that yokoo?)
jenny m collage

but perhaps the highlight of a very hectic week, was the fact the ms. pearl-mcphee, the yarnharlot herself, finally posted the pattern for the “Pretty Thing”from her January blog on ravelry.

and i joyfully finished it!!
you a model!

(the model is my roommate)

there was more
a lot more
and i’m really tired
but i think that’s enough for now.

thanks harlot!
a pretty thing
(so pretty right?)