October 19, 2009

as i work to complete two sweaters, one baby and one me sized, i decided to pause to bring your attention to some interesting news.

that’s right. miss yokoo herself is collaborating with urban outfitters. if you didn’t the she was mad famous before, you best believe she is now.

that shit is craze.

i love buying her stuff (handmade) and plan to buy more (handmade and U.O. made) for the foreseeable future. (gotta remember to save those pennies).

but there’s something bittersweet about a great designer blowing up. sure, they get the major props they deserve, but will they still have time to message me back? will they have the strength to keep it real? will they have desire to bring a crazy vision of mine to life with a hook, needles, paint, etc?

i believe yokoo will. as she said, etsy made her and she wont forget that.

so check out her new and improved blog and give it up for one badass bitch, miss yokoo

(photo courtesy of yokoo's flickr)

(photo courtesy of yokoo's flickr)

2 Responses to “blogosphere”

  1. No i won’t forget, as I leave the “only” reply! Thank you again for the adorable cowl, You showed me up!

    • bitchesgetstitches Says:

      oh yokoo, please! no one could ever show you up! congrats a million times over for the u.o. deal. it’s wicked fierce.

      (p.s. i’m saving and working my way toward a purchase so we’ll talk soon)

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