thanksgiving roundup

November 28, 2009

the tools

the bird

the hooch

the spread

the pie

the (blurry) family

the (sated) mo

with the waterford washed, china tucked away, and silver back in the safety deposit box, i’m finding it hard to articulate all that i’m thankful for. it really is the simple things: friendships that have endured for a decade, a room mate i love coming home to, my parents’ love, mo’s antics, my grandparents’ tenacity, cold booze, warm wool, spectacular food, and black friday discounts.

these are the things i live for. don’t most people?

for those of you who don’t know, i’m a michigander. school and work have made me slightly deranged of late, and kept me so busy that it’s been months since i’ve been back to the magical mitten.

and so i’ve fled the steel city, driving into the wee hours of tuesday morning with love in my heart and lead in my foot. unfortunately, there was a bit too much lead when passing through a little pit stain of a town, armada michigan.

cop: do you know why i pulled you over?
me: (obviously i was speeding you f-ing pig) no sir
cop: do you know the speed limit through here?
me: (duh jackass, i grew up 10 mins from here) no sir, i don’t live around here anymore
cop: you passed four signs saying it was 25mph
me: (it’s 2:30am, no one’s even awake in this po dunk town, i’m 7 miles from home, and i’ve been driving for 6 hours. i don’t give a f*ck!) oh, sorry sir.
cop: i only wrote you up for 5 over. slow down for me *hands me a ticket*
me: (fuck you very much!) k, thanks.

i literally thanked the asswipe for giving me a ticket!

so while i made it home to my lovely five acres

i had to go to this place as soon as i woke up

$90, 2 points on the license. bitches, i haven’t had a ticket since highschool!

but my lovely parents turned my frown upside down. first by giving me an early birthday present

it’s a canon rebel t1i. isn’t it dreamy?
and then by taking me here

to get me some of this

i do have to admit that i got a bit of that “man in a yarn store” cold shoulder at first, but you can’t beat the charm of a yarn store in an old victorian house with a pet cat, right?

i’m feeling relatively relaxed considering i have three final papers looming.

at least mo is having a blast

1st sweater…

November 20, 2009

…in the bag bithces!

now, it’s said that one’s first sweater is bound to be wonky. while i would argue that mine is beautifully constructed and well knit, it does have a bit of wonkiness.

the wonkiness, you can see, comes from me not checking batch numbers on my undyed yarn meaning the bottom is a lighter brown than the top. rather than be discouraged, i’m calling it a design feature and dubbing this my rothko sweater.

while sweaters in a bush may be the milieu of stephanie pearl-mcphee, i think she gets her husband to trim them or something, because the bush makes my sweater look lumpy. alors, my roommate helped me to create a yokoo-esk photoshoot.

then we hammed it up a little.

that last one? that captures how i really feel about finishing this sweater. it’s been a trip bitches, and i’m already swatching for the next one.

not a slacker

November 16, 2009

school has been giving me palpitations lately and a complex cocktail of home cookin’, generic anti-anxiety medication, and general stitchery has kept me mostly sane and stable.

some finished stuff:
one hat made for kevin that i hated and didn’t send to him. luckily, my lovely roomie v took it because it had just the right amount of “rasta room.”
she also got a hat i actually made for her
(the yarn is Madeline Tosh Worsted in Oxblood)

the hat that made the cut and got sent out to kevin remains, sadly, unphotographed. *sigh* i promise it exists and is keeping heads warm in east lansing, michigan.

i also started this little lovely
everyone i know seems to be making one of these but i hear there’s some pattern issues and, while i do want a lacey little neckercheif thingy, i dont want one that thousands upon thousands of people are wearing. so, my beautiful yarn will become adrian caron-lacoste’s dandy neckercheif
isn’t this a pretty start?

with half a sleeve to go, next time, hope to see me in a sweater bitches!


November 9, 2009

i know this is supposed to be a knitting blog, and it is. i promise i have knit three hats since my last post, finished a baby sweater, and am almost done with my first me-sized sweater.


last week i caught the sewing bug again and made four curtains and a cover for my mom’s mac book (to ward off the evil dust).
i feel the need to share, even if it is the most basic sewing ever.

i promise, if i hem my jeans, i’ll keep it to myself.