for those of you who don’t know, i’m a michigander. school and work have made me slightly deranged of late, and kept me so busy that it’s been months since i’ve been back to the magical mitten.

and so i’ve fled the steel city, driving into the wee hours of tuesday morning with love in my heart and lead in my foot. unfortunately, there was a bit too much lead when passing through a little pit stain of a town, armada michigan.

cop: do you know why i pulled you over?
me: (obviously i was speeding you f-ing pig) no sir
cop: do you know the speed limit through here?
me: (duh jackass, i grew up 10 mins from here) no sir, i don’t live around here anymore
cop: you passed four signs saying it was 25mph
me: (it’s 2:30am, no one’s even awake in this po dunk town, i’m 7 miles from home, and i’ve been driving for 6 hours. i don’t give a f*ck!) oh, sorry sir.
cop: i only wrote you up for 5 over. slow down for me *hands me a ticket*
me: (fuck you very much!) k, thanks.

i literally thanked the asswipe for giving me a ticket!

so while i made it home to my lovely five acres

i had to go to this place as soon as i woke up

$90, 2 points on the license. bitches, i haven’t had a ticket since highschool!

but my lovely parents turned my frown upside down. first by giving me an early birthday present

it’s a canon rebel t1i. isn’t it dreamy?
and then by taking me here

to get me some of this

i do have to admit that i got a bit of that “man in a yarn store” cold shoulder at first, but you can’t beat the charm of a yarn store in an old victorian house with a pet cat, right?

i’m feeling relatively relaxed considering i have three final papers looming.

at least mo is having a blast