1st sweater…

November 20, 2009

…in the bag bithces!

now, it’s said that one’s first sweater is bound to be wonky. while i would argue that mine is beautifully constructed and well knit, it does have a bit of wonkiness.

the wonkiness, you can see, comes from me not checking batch numbers on my undyed yarn meaning the bottom is a lighter brown than the top. rather than be discouraged, i’m calling it a design feature and dubbing this my rothko sweater.

while sweaters in a bush may be the milieu of stephanie pearl-mcphee, i think she gets her husband to trim them or something, because the bush makes my sweater look lumpy. alors, my roommate helped me to create a yokoo-esk photoshoot.

then we hammed it up a little.

that last one? that captures how i really feel about finishing this sweater. it’s been a trip bitches, and i’m already swatching for the next one.