1st sweater…

November 20, 2009

…in the bag bithces!

now, it’s said that one’s first sweater is bound to be wonky. while i would argue that mine is beautifully constructed and well knit, it does have a bit of wonkiness.

the wonkiness, you can see, comes from me not checking batch numbers on my undyed yarn meaning the bottom is a lighter brown than the top. rather than be discouraged, i’m calling it a design feature and dubbing this my rothko sweater.

while sweaters in a bush may be the milieu of stephanie pearl-mcphee, i think she gets her husband to trim them or something, because the bush makes my sweater look lumpy. alors, my roommate helped me to create a yokoo-esk photoshoot.

then we hammed it up a little.

that last one? that captures how i really feel about finishing this sweater. it’s been a trip bitches, and i’m already swatching for the next one.

11 Responses to “1st sweater…”

  1. Megan Says:

    That last picture is wonderful, as is that sweater. Make me a warm scarf.

  2. Megan Says:

    I’ll also accept a hat. Both are things I seriously need. It may not snow a lot here, but the cold rain isn’t exactly much fun to be stuck in with just a hoodie.

  3. Charissa Says:

    I LOVE IT!

    The last picture is simply fabulous. I love the green shoes!

  4. lisabee Says:

    it is awesome! you look great in it. i can’t believe it’s your first! it’s beautiful. makes me want to make one now!

  5. Guess Who Says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Can’t wait to see the sweater in person Monday. Love the splits. Reminds me of Scot Hamilton, who by the way I saw on his return to the ice – on TV live. Love ya.

  6. Guess Who Says:

    PS where is the red doored garage. Yours blue. I assume you didn’t paint it.

  7. Jenny Says:


  8. Suzie Says:

    Where did you get the pattern from? I like the sweater, good job for a beginner! I actually like the Rothko motif, I thought it was on purpose. I am looking for a similar pattern to knit one for my husband and it is impossible to find anything he will like. Everything is too ornate, too extravagant (cable patter, OMG!), too colourful, not manly enough etc…Yet he’s bugging me all the time “when are you going to knit one for me…?”

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