the day has come

October 29, 2009

i don’t know about y’all, but i love addi turbos.
when i was first learning to knit, my gauge was unbelievably tight and while i loved straight wooden needles, i needed some help. i recall a ‘large’ women’s mitten i once made that wouldn’t fit a 5 year old. and that was after going up 2 needle sizes.

so nina suggested i try addi turbos.

i’ve never looked back.

for months now, ever since my first (or maybe second) visit to natural stitches and especially now that i work there, i have been lusting after the addi clicks. they’ve been on backorder forever and anytime anyone mentioned skacel, my heart jumped.

well, on monday october 26, we got our shipment, and i got my wish.
addi love
addi love open
addi love open 2
isn’t it beautiful?

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