August 25, 2009

good news:
yokoo bag came.
gorgeous! (and i picked those colors)
surprise gift inside.

bad news:
i dropped my camera and can’t take a picture. (F!)

the upside?
a broken camera is perfect for my new knitting situation: a secret project.
everything has been put on hold (knitting wise) and this must be done soon.

seriously short deadline.
impossible odds.
makes me feel like the yarn harlot.

randomness of the day:
on my way to class, on my first day of school, a girl yelling at people walking and smoking, “No smoking on campus!”

she was in my first class today.
she is apparently the smoking police.

anyone know the location of a camera repair shop in the burgh?

Happiness from Atlanta

August 19, 2009

today was shaping up to be pretty blah.
it’s been raining.
i slept too late and got behind schedule in general.

but things got better.
by a lot.
i made Yvonne’s Banana Bars for my peeps at afternoon knitting.

Banana Bar

yvonne’s “bar” part turned out better but my frosting is better. so much better. all hail the power of fresh nutmeg.

then, since i wound some yarn and took some customers’ cash, my boss told me to add some time to my time card. i just wanted some practice since i was at the store anyway but it looks like i’ll get some unexpected money out of it.

but the best thing happened when i got home. i found that yokoo had posted a pic on her flickr of the tote i had requested/purchased.
(the pics are by yokoo so make sure you give her props if you use them!)

bitches get stitches bag by yokoo

yokoo bag part 3

yokoo bag part 4

yokoo bag part 5

i nearly wept with joy when i saw it and i can’t wait for it to come. (was that the mail man?)

every single one of you
needs to own a yokoo original

and miss. yokoo, you are one fierce bitch!

picture it.
me taking (your?) money.
swiping cards.
winding yarn into nice neat balls.
crocheting the granny blanket


and banishing the lace until it behaves.
laughing too many times to count.
jealously watching the spinners do their thing.

Kelli says: You’re so polite!
Yvonne says: Kelli, you need to schedule me and Steven together more often.
CarlaK says: You fit in so perfect!

i love my job.

>must remember i moved here for school, not for knitting<

guess who got a job . . .

August 12, 2009

at a yarn store.

i start tomorrow

(do we like this new theme?)

currently, i have two projects with which i am madly in love.




the first is this:

Granny Blanket

yes i know, this is supposed to be a knitting blog but i fell in love with crochet because of helloyarn

plus using noro to crochet. . . .its just a beautiful thing (if you ignore my neighbors’ yard waste bags in the background. ugh!)

don’t worry, i’m still a knitter. i won’t be going over to the dark side. just vacationing there.
(ps the green bag in the photo i did not make, i purchased it from yokoo’s etsy store)

my second big love is this:
lovely lace knitting. it makes me so happy to look at.


there were many (invisible) mistakes made due to the fact that I was working from my photocopy of the book. this meant that some purl stitches were knitted since the chart demarcates them by slightly shading in the boxes on the chart (i hate my life)

thank heaven for double yarn overs or i would never have caught the mistake in time.

i can’t wait to finish both of these.

well, i’m off to knit

>secretly hides the sock he doesn’t want to discuss<

alors, I recently moved to Pittsburgh to go to school here and had to find a new LYS. there are really only 3 to choose from and I soon fell in love with the people at natural stitches

after about five minutes, I knew I had found my store.

since then, two exciting things have happened:

1) I found out that Pennsylvania has (deep breath) NO SALES TAX ON YARN. I almost fainted when I found this out. I still get dizzy thinking about it.

2) there is a real chance that they might hire me.

let the jealousy begin yarnies.

keep your fingers crossed for me because, bitches, I want to work!

tomorrow: my current adventure in the land of lace.


August 9, 2009

here I am world, Steven A.

why am I here? besides the fact that all the cool kids are doing it? I needed a place to talk shop.

knitting that is.

technically speaking, I’m new to the land of yarn, needles, and stitch manipulation, but I’m told it runs in the family.

like dementia.

apparently, it skips generations (fingers crossed).

as soon as i’ve figured all of this technology out, there will be some pictures to go along with these lovely words.

until then,

bitch, you better work!