currently, i have two projects with which i am madly in love.




the first is this:

Granny Blanket

yes i know, this is supposed to be a knitting blog but i fell in love with crochet because of helloyarn

plus using noro to crochet. . . .its just a beautiful thing (if you ignore my neighbors’ yard waste bags in the background. ugh!)

don’t worry, i’m still a knitter. i won’t be going over to the dark side. just vacationing there.
(ps the green bag in the photo i did not make, i purchased it from yokoo’s etsy store)

my second big love is this:
lovely lace knitting. it makes me so happy to look at.


there were many (invisible) mistakes made due to the fact that I was working from my photocopy of the book. this meant that some purl stitches were knitted since the chart demarcates them by slightly shading in the boxes on the chart (i hate my life)

thank heaven for double yarn overs or i would never have caught the mistake in time.

i can’t wait to finish both of these.

well, i’m off to knit

>secretly hides the sock he doesn’t want to discuss<