alors, I recently moved to Pittsburgh to go to school here and had to find a new LYS. there are really only 3 to choose from and I soon fell in love with the people at natural stitches

after about five minutes, I knew I had found my store.

since then, two exciting things have happened:

1) I found out that Pennsylvania has (deep breath) NO SALES TAX ON YARN. I almost fainted when I found this out. I still get dizzy thinking about it.

2) there is a real chance that they might hire me.

let the jealousy begin yarnies.

keep your fingers crossed for me because, bitches, I want to work!

tomorrow: my current adventure in the land of lace.


August 9, 2009

here I am world, Steven A.

why am I here? besides the fact that all the cool kids are doing it? I needed a place to talk shop.

knitting that is.

technically speaking, I’m new to the land of yarn, needles, and stitch manipulation, but I’m told it runs in the family.

like dementia.

apparently, it skips generations (fingers crossed).

as soon as i’ve figured all of this technology out, there will be some pictures to go along with these lovely words.

until then,

bitch, you better work!