exciting news . . . maybe

August 9, 2009

alors, I recently moved to Pittsburgh to go to school here and had to find a new LYS. there are really only 3 to choose from and I soon fell in love with the people at natural stitches

after about five minutes, I knew I had found my store.

since then, two exciting things have happened:

1) I found out that Pennsylvania has (deep breath) NO SALES TAX ON YARN. I almost fainted when I found this out. I still get dizzy thinking about it.

2) there is a real chance that they might hire me.

let the jealousy begin yarnies.

keep your fingers crossed for me because, bitches, I want to work!

tomorrow: my current adventure in the land of lace.

2 Responses to “exciting news . . . maybe”

  1. MichelleK Says:

    Love your new blogspot! Fingers and toes crossed for you on your possible job!!

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