hard plums . . . making money

August 14, 2009

picture it.
me taking (your?) money.
swiping cards.
winding yarn into nice neat balls.
crocheting the granny blanket


and banishing the lace until it behaves.
laughing too many times to count.
jealously watching the spinners do their thing.

Kelli says: You’re so polite!
Yvonne says: Kelli, you need to schedule me and Steven together more often.
CarlaK says: You fit in so perfect!

i love my job.

>must remember i moved here for school, not for knitting<

2 Responses to “hard plums . . . making money”

  1. erin Says:

    you’re so lucky! i wish i worked at a yarn store!

    how’s the shawl going?

    • bitchesgetstitches Says:

      its in time out since I am somehow missing 2 stitches
      when they decide to come back, the shawl’s timeout will be over

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