OM f*cking G!

September 29, 2009

so we went here for Veronica’s 25th birthday.

as we were waiting for the bill, i looked up.
who did i see (in his classic ‘in every single paparazzi photo’ grey hoodie)?


i died.

and can i just say, both of them are way more beautiful in real life.
i have multiple witnesses to back me up.

One Response to “OM f*cking G!”

  1. Sara Says:

    Steven!!! This post AWESOME – I’m jealous.

    But aside from that, it is NOT about knitting and belongs in your other blog… so don’t abandon it 😦

    I miss seeing you in livej where I can just click on Friends and see your new posts off of my page.

    Are you for sure switching to this one permanently or can I convince you to stay on livej as well?

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