my new enemy

September 2, 2009

take a good look.
this is my new enemy.
The Enemy
no, not that nice lady! that’s Kelli, my manager. (look at that focus)
my enemy is that ball winder.

now, i’ve been getting my yarn wound for a while.
and i have my own winder and swift at home.
never have i run into a snag, tangle, knot, or mysterious third end.

and yet, this winder has given me some serious issues.

it hates me.

everyone else is allowed to go at full speed but not i! i must always proceed with caution or face its inevitable wrath. it’s like the winder is hazing me or something.

i think the swift might be in on it.

2 Responses to “my new enemy”

  1. lps Says:

    haha, i really liked imagining that you had some kindly lady as your new enemy and that you boldly took a picture of her to show people.

  2. Yvonne Says:

    Wait until the toilet gets in on the hazing. THEN you are in for it, my friend.

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