oh yeah

June 1, 2015

i’m going to europe for two months.
so there’s that, too.

10 hours away – a microblog

November 30, 2012

the night, bitches.
starting at midnight (eastern),
if you make a donation to these peeps
and then send me an email here to let me know,
you’ll be entered to win one of these fucking amazing prizes.
(see official details here)

remember! you’ve only got the 24 hours of world aids day to enter.

i better see you tonight, bitches!

microblog 16

November 5, 2012

mo says

go to bed.

as any real blogger would,
i pay attention to my stats:
which websites linked to mine
how many people visited that day
from which countries people read
that kind of thing.

the most entertaining, however,
are definitely the ‘search engine terms’.
‘these are the terms people used to find your site’, says wordpress.

today (yesterday technically),
one search in particular took the cake:

how to have sex at the fairgrounds without making a big show lesbian

i doubt anything can ever top that.

somehow, i now feel obligated to investigate,
to find the best way to have sex at the fairgrounds without making a big show lesbian.

i wouldn’t want to disappoint her.

mircoblog 14 – 4:07am

August 11, 2012

i’m blocking something on my bed.
it’s still completely soaked,
so i’m going to sleep
on the floor.
this isn’t the first time i’ve done this.

microblog 13

March 30, 2012

what i’d like to be doing

what i’m actually doing


microblog 12

March 28, 2012

you may recall that there’s an alpaca in colorado named after me.
well now there’s a baby chick in oregon named in my honor.
meet ambrosia:
the fiber world is a weird place,
but i like it.

microblog 11 (i think)

March 23, 2012

knitting tip of the day:
bunch up your stitches at the end of your needle.
the yarnharlot calls this “spring loading”
because the stitches are sitting there ready to jump off the needle.
(see ms. pearl-mcphee, i was paying attention)
this can cut seconds off of those long rows
and saving seconds can really add up,
especially if you’ve got hundreds of stitches on your needles like i do.

be warned! – spring loading can change your gauge.
so don’t do it in the middle of your project!!

this lame-ass post was just an excuse
to share the fact that i’m actually knitting.
it’s a rare treat.
join my joy.

microblog 10

January 15, 2012

any guesses?

microblog 9

December 25, 2011

just over three years of knitting
and i finally got my mom to try.
she’s a natural.(those are my great grandmother’s boye knitting needles)

merry christmas, bitches!