microblog 13

March 30, 2012

what i’d like to be doing

what i’m actually doing


7 Responses to “microblog 13”

  1. paramolta Says:

    Isn’t that always the way though? I have a bunch of housework that REALLY needs to be done. Of course the baby blanket I am working on is trying to entice me sit and knit just a few more rows.

    On aside note:
    I have been interested in that color way you are knitting up, and now you have sealed the deal. I really need to get a skein or two in Grawk.

  2. misa Says:

    Nice fingernails.

  3. cauchy09 Says:

    hmm. whatcha reading?

  4. sarahvv Says:

    Is the chapter title “feminist killjoys”?! I must know more! Since I suspect I am one of those. 😉
    Solidarity, my friend. I have papers to grade this afternoon. And I would definitely rather be knitting.

  5. Anonymous, too Says:

    OMG. My condolences. I hope you can find Cliff’s Notes (or whatever has replaced them) for that book. A bad translation of Dostoyevsky would be easier to follow than what you’re slogging through. The subject may be very interesting, but you’d never prove it with that author’s works!

    P.S. Like this photo of the scarf-in-progress best. It shows off the colors and stitches much better than your NASA-Surplus space-helmet-docking collar. . ;-)!

  6. Pammie Says:

    I would ALWAYS rather be knitting! I’d like to know the title of the book.

  7. Dena Says:

    I love that yarn!

    I bet you sneaked in a couple of rows 😉

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