world aids day project countdown – one week away

November 23, 2012

bitches get stitches world aids day project update:

world aids day is december 1st.
that means there’s one more week
before you can enter to win these prizes
(i’m still working with a couple potential sponsors
so there may actually be more prizes added to this list)

but because this year, i didn’t do everything last minute,
i have people chomping at the bit to find out how to win.
so i’ve decided to post the entry rules one week early.
then i’ll address some emails i’ve received about this fundraiser.

it’s pretty simple; same rules as last year.
(please read them all people)

the how:
1. on december 1st, click this link to visit the lansing area aids network website and make a donation via paypal. the suggested minimum donation is $40, the cost of one rapid hiv test. however, i know $40 is a lot money for a lot of people (myself included). since i don’t want to discourage anyone from making a donation they can afford, all donations will be accepted, even if it’s only $1.

2. shoot me an email at with your contact information and the amount you donated. the details of your personal information will be kept confidential. this is so i can keep track of the total as it grows, and so i can make sure you get your prize.

3. winners will be chosen at random. it could be you!

the fine bold print:
*entries will only be accepted on world aids day itself (dec 1st)! this means 12:00am – 11:59pm is your 24 hour window to make a donation and send me an email to be entered to win some loot. i’m in the eastern standard time zone here people, so my giveaway is too!

now to address some emails i’ve received:

1. why must one wait until dec 1. to make a donation?

last year, it was because i only came up with the idea 12 days before world aids day and it took me that long to get the giveaway up and running. it’s now a precedent/tradition. i love tradition. but the bigger reason is i like the idea of a small non-profit getting a deluge of donations all at once. and remember, technically you don’t have to wait until december 1st to make a donation. you only have to wait until decemeber 1st to make a donation if you’d like to win one of the prizes from my sponsors.

2. why aren’t you directing donations toward the pittsburgh aids task force like you did last year?

well, lansing is my home now, not pittsburgh, so that’s one reason. another is LAAN seem to need the cash more. they’re a smaller organization with a lot less services available to the capital-area community. maybe bringing awareness to their need (and a nice chunk of change) will change that.

and last year, i totally entered people who donated to other hiv testing centers in their area. and while i’d obviously prefer you make a donation to the charity i’m sponsoring, if you feel really passionately about donating to your own local hiv testing center, go for it. that’s totally in the spirit of the fundraiser.

3. who put you up to this?

no one. it was just a crazy, latee-night idea i had last year. i decided to do it again this year.

4. why are you exploiting people with hiv/aids to make money?! you are a bad guy.

the amount of money i made last year for organizing this fundraiser = $0. the amount of money i’ll make this year for organizing this fundraiser = $0. so contrary to what a couple people think, no i’m not using the aids epidemic to make money for myself. my blog doesn’t earn me any income. i don’t have advertisers or sell anything. i just did this to be nice.

that’s all for now.
feel free to spread the word.
i’m open to taking on some last-minute sponsors
and anyone interested in simulblogging can reach me at:

see you in a week!

8 Responses to “world aids day project countdown – one week away”

  1. ceph Says:

    I really cannot believe item 4 evened needed to be addressed. The ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze me. That said, I think you’re awesome for organizing this again, and I look forward to making my donation!

  2. Quinn Says:

    putting it on my calendar 🙂
    quinn on rav

  3. Carol Says:

    Yey for supporting the Lansing group! (I live in Ann Arbor.)

  4. lollyknits Says:

    I’m getting pumped up! 🙂

  5. Jacey Says:

    I just found you via completely cauchy. This is an awesome cause, and a great way to encourage giving!

  6. […] to be part of  Steven Ambrose’s World Aids Day fundraiser, which is tomorrow, December 1.  Here are the details.  Basically, make a donation to the Lansing, Michigan Aids Network tomorrow, send Steven an email […]

  7. […] tonight’s the night, bitches. starting at midnight (eastern), if you make a donation to these peeps and then send me an email here to let me know, you’ll be entered to win one of these fucking amazing prizes. (see official details here) […]

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