hello all.
as you may recall,
last year, in one day,
with less than two weeks of planning,
and only a french bulldog intern to help me organize,
we raised just under $5000 for the pittsburgh aids task force.

this year,
i’m starting earlier
and have decided to help the lansing area aids network since,
based on their services, it seems like they might need the cash more.
plus, this is where i live now.

the success of last year’s fundraiser i owe entirely to the many sponsors who donated awesome prizes for me to giveaway on the blog. without them, there would be no fundraiser. so this is my open call to people with yarn businesses (or individual knitters with an awesome stash) who’d like to sponsor this year’s world aids day project.

what i’m looking for:
1. prizes that retail around $40 or above since a rapid hiv test costs around $40. (of course i’m totally open to all donations).
2. anyone interested in helping me with advertising around the time of the event, itself. this might entail simulblogging, or if any of you ravelry folks read this, can ya help a knitter out?

so if you’re interested in being a sponsor
or know someone in a yarn company who might be interested,
shoot me an email at bgsworldaidsdayproject AT gmail DOT com

edit: because a few people have asked this is how this works – people donate money to the charity i’m sponsoring. they are entered to win one of the prizes the sponsors provide. 100% of the money raised goes directly to charity. i get $0 for doing this fundraiser (though last year i did get a plate and thank you note from the pittsburgh aids task force).