en gammal hatt

November 24, 2012

because i so rarely have any knitting content these days,
i thought i’d show you a new picture of some old work
that’s my friend misa a.k.a. craftivore,
wearing the green mist bohus hat i knit a while back.
when i first bought the bohus kit from solveig,
i imagined it would be for me.
as i was knitting it,
i soon realized it was meant for someone else.

but who?

i couldn’t just give it away to anyone.
i knew it had to be a knitter, at the very least.
but also a knitter who really understands this kind of knitting.
there are several people whose work online keeps me going:
the yarn harlot
hello yarn
kate davies
the daily purl
to name just a few.

but since misa consistently inspires me with her colowork,
(i mean, have you seen this fucking dress?!)
i could think of no one else more deserving.

it took a while to get it to her
(there was this little trip to sweden that delayed things,
and there were the 1 billion ends that needed to be woven in)
but now she has it
and it looks lovely on her.

i even feel the itch to knit another.
who wants to buy me the grey version?