går till sverige

January 9, 2012

veronica and i occasionally send each other academic dream thingies.
we sometimes send other types of dream thingies,
like fashion or food thingies.

the most recent thingie she sent me was about a conference in sweden.

when i get an idea in my head,
i often find it difficult to shake it.
it’s not that i’ve always wanted to go to sweden per se,
but the idea of going to hear people in my field give an interesting talk, and maybe sneak out to see some scandanavian knitting stuff, well,
it was an idea i couldn’t shake.

so i did the american thing.
i charged it.

that’s right bitches,
i’m going to stockholm.
in february.

it’s going to be cold, to be sure,
but i’ve got layers.

coincidentally, as part of my “finish it up” impulse,
i finished my green mist bohus hat.you want to see the inside, don’t you?this knit was definitely a challenge
but absolutely worth it.
i made a couple mistakes
(i.e. skipped like 5 rows on accident)
but it fits my head and looks like a hat.
i don’t recommend it as your first color work ever,
but i feel strongly everyone should knit a bohus design at some point.

in fact, go to solsilke
pick your favorite bohus stickning,
and order a kit from solveig gustafsson.

worth. it.

it’ll make you a better person.

i originally wanted to keep this hat for myself,
and it looks damn good on me.
but i felt someone else needed more.
so once i’ve woven in all those ends,
(a task i am not looking forward to)
it will be sent it off to my fibery friend, misa.
she is a color work queen, and her stuff consistently inspires me.
i can think of no one more deserving.

but i think i’ll take it with me to sweden first.
it deserves to see it’s homeland at least once.

so misa, you have to wait six weeks to get it.
it’ll probably take me that long to weave in the ends anyway.

to end, i leave you with this,
which is by far one of my favorite videos of all time (and also swedish).
(ps can anyone confirm if that’s really cher at 4:27?)

15 Responses to “går till sverige”

  1. ooooooooo I used to live in sweden!! But on the other side..in Göteborg..if you need a translator…wink wink* Actually they all speak english, but you will love it. The people are not as nice as they are in my city but nice all the same..lol

    You will love the men, they are quite the lookers there! 😉
    I’m actually flying back over to visit my family and friends this year but at a warmer time. layer up for sure and wear lots of wool!

    Also you will find the garn (yarn) shops very small, but lovely.

    I am excited to see what you think of it..and as they say in Sweden, Lycka till! (good luck!)

  2. je Says:

    sweden..not good for sore throats, but i am sure that gorgeous beanie will help the cause…

  3. nook Says:

    are you frickin’ serious?! that’s so awesome! i would LOOVE to go to sweeden! can’t wait to hear how your trip goes! also, i love that toque. you should make yourself one. because you look damn good in it. that is all. 🙂

  4. Anonymous, too Says:

    Remember your long johns or union suits, rent some sporty model of Volvo or SAAB that’s not available here, and work the ever-lovin’ s**t out of that hat!

    And if that’s not Cher, it’s a really good lookalike. Did you catch the Abba folks in their cameos?

  5. LInda Says:

    Well done you – both the hat and the charge. Stockholm is fabulous. One of my top three cities.

  6. Nancy Paris Says:

    We just went and saw Dragon Tatoo (American version). I so wanted to just crawl into the scenes in the country, and now you are going. ARGGGG. The agony of jealousy!
    I have two more fingers left to do on the color work gloves on the cover fo Fall 2011 Voh-goo Knitting. I did the hat (# 8) in the magazine also. I was feeling pretty accomplished until these pictures turn up. That hat is Perfect. Classy. Beautiful.
    Nancy P

  7. Sarah Says:

    That hat is absolutely spectacular! Something Bohus is definitely on my knitting bucket list.

  8. misa Says:

    Wow, no one has ever knit for me before. I’m overwhelmed and feeling a bit teary. THANK YOU!! And bohus at that, sheesh. Your generosity is really amazing especially when I’ll I want to do right now is knit something for me. Yes, the hat should visit Sweden. I went to Stockholm once when I was in high school in January, it was really frakkin cold but fun. Still feeling a bit unworthy. Thank you. xoxo

  9. wow. that hat is amazing!

  10. Jenny Says:

    you are awesome, steven! can’t believe you’re going and i can’t even believe that hat. p.s. just finished a hat while listening to that espanol cd of yours from a while back

  11. Sally at RivendaleFarms Says:

    Sweden? How freakin’ awesome!!! All of your bold Charge-it moves in the past have worked out amazingly well, no doubt this will be even better. A bohus is definitely on my list, and a hat seems much more manageable than a sweater. (And no steeking, bonus!)

  12. Brooke Says:

    that video is 7 kinds of bad.. so much so, I posted it to my FB page….and that’s totally Cher… you ARE sick and twisted, aren;t you.. love it.. sending you a link to a video….

  13. Natalie Says:

    I’m super late on this, but I loved the video. Then I watched the “making of” video, and when the shot with Cher was shown they said “international celebrities”, so yeah, it’s probably her.

    Have a great trip.

  14. yarnydays Says:

    This is such a beautiful knit! And great color combinations…

  15. […] old work that’s my friend misa a.k.a. craftivore, wearing the green mist bohus hat i knit a while back. when i first bought the bohus kit from solveig, i imagined it would be for me. as i was knitting […]

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