microblog 15 – the best search terms ever

September 2, 2012

as any real blogger would,
i pay attention to my stats:
which websites linked to mine
how many people visited that day
from which countries people read
that kind of thing.

the most entertaining, however,
are definitely the ‘search engine terms’.
‘these are the terms people used to find your site’, says wordpress.

today (yesterday technically),
one search in particular took the cake:

how to have sex at the fairgrounds without making a big show lesbian

i doubt anything can ever top that.

somehow, i now feel obligated to investigate,
to find the best way to have sex at the fairgrounds without making a big show lesbian.

i wouldn’t want to disappoint her.

11 Responses to “microblog 15 – the best search terms ever”

  1. I definitely can’t top that but here’s a selection of mine this week:

    Victorian British Slang + Whore,
    We should be kissed every day every hour every minute,
    Imperfection have been divinely appointed,
    Nepali boy photo (?!!! the sick possibilities of this one freaks me out),
    Nazi club swinging (ditto),
    Man dog crying.

  2. bossyfemme Says:

    You just inspired me to check mine & the best one this week is definitely “sexy honeybadger.”

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Wow. Really makes me wonder about your key words. 🙂

  4. Dawn Says:

    What exactly is a big show lesbian and where does one have sex to avoid making one?

  5. Sue Says:

    You make me want to switch over to WordPress.

  6. Anonymous, too Says:

    “Sex at the Fairgrounds” sounds like a fad cocktail, while “Big Show Lesbian” sounds like “The L Word” meets “Sabado Gigante.”

  7. Nicole Says:

    I kind of like them for a couple of emo bands: “Sex at the Fairgrounds, featuring Big Show Lesbian!”

  8. Linda Cannon Says:

    I can’t help but sit here and chuckle thinking about it. In fact i gave out a whoop and guffaw. Way, way to funny. I keep picturing all these scenarios, where does my brain go. Thank you for the fun XOXOXO Linda

  9. Tan Says:

    haha nice. they do make you wonder. my most interesting one was “i ma to awesome” I don’t even know what this means.

  10. Cecilia Says:

    I like how that’s not even a sentence.

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