microblog 11 (i think)

March 23, 2012

knitting tip of the day:
bunch up your stitches at the end of your needle.
the yarnharlot calls this “spring loading”
because the stitches are sitting there ready to jump off the needle.
(see ms. pearl-mcphee, i was paying attention)
this can cut seconds off of those long rows
and saving seconds can really add up,
especially if you’ve got hundreds of stitches on your needles like i do.

be warned! – spring loading can change your gauge.
so don’t do it in the middle of your project!!

this lame-ass post was just an excuse
to share the fact that i’m actually knitting.
it’s a rare treat.
join my joy.

6 Responses to “microblog 11 (i think)”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Whoo hoo! I’m glad you’re knitting, and I love the color of that yarn.

  2. Sally at RivendaleFarms Says:

    I finished and blocked a shawl this morning, so definitely sharing your joy! It seems like ages since I’ve actually had a finished project. I’m going to celebrate by casting on two more.

  3. Carol P Says:

    I join your joy! Knit on!

  4. Anonymous, too Says:

    Ah, the simple pleasures of life. . .knitting, presumably in a comfy chair and with one’s faithful companion curled up on one’s lap, while wearing a space suit sans helmet.

    Really, what is that thing curving around your neck behind the knitting????

  5. Audry Says:

    That’s how I have always knitted! I thought everyone knitted like that too.

    What are you knitting?

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