fifty nifty

January 12, 2011

per usual, i’m writing from my favorite place in pittsburgh,
drinking coffee and waiting for some yummy kale.
(who ever thought i’d like kale?)

and as requested,
here is my model shot of the clockwork:
anyone else see it?
the thing that is slightly not me?
even after blocking, it’s still a bit short for me.
and maybe it’s a touch too . . . grellow? (sorry kim).

your comments were helpful, if a bit contradictory:

Personally, if you don’t like it now…you never will. Just part with it immediately is what I say. (Perhaps to your favorite quilter???) Give ya a quarter…

that’s what my gut says.
and i like your semi-selfish undertone.
quarter indeed.

but nancy said:
A really good principal I worked for told me to always wait 5 hours before sending a response to a negative parent email. I think the same advice could be adapted here. Wait 5 days. Lay it on your bed, on a chair and just let it soak in. Once it is gone, it is gone.

sound advice.
i put a lot of effort into it
and i should wait to be sure i don’t like it before i send it away.

but i think i found shara’s comment to be the most intriguing:
Send it on a trip around the world? Flat Stanley style….only more like “warm, traveling knitting” style.

this idea sounds amazing; i kinda love it.
i like the idea of my clockwork visiting, say,
all fifty states? and maybe all the canadian provinces?
(how many are there again? isn’t there a new one now?)

i think that’s what i’m going to do;
send it to someone in another state who will then pass it on,
helping it to see america, and gain some experience points.
that way, i’m giving myself plenty of time to think it over,
and even though other people get to “have” it for a bit,
it’s still mine!

it’s putting a lot of faith in the knitting community, i know
but i trust ya, bitches!

what do we think?

p.s. here are some outtakes of me trying to do a stephen west style shot of the clockwork. i need longer arms!
i think tyra would be proud.

41 Responses to “fifty nifty”

  1. Colleen Says:

    If you send it now, I can get it to Iowa for you!

    Your eyes are fierce, Tyra would be SO proud.

  2. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I love the Tour idea! Count me in for Colorado! Plus, by the time it works its way back to you, it’ll have such good mojo infused that you’ll probably love it again.

  3. tara Says:

    I could play for Ontario, if you do decide to send it off to Canada. You may have a hard time getting it to Nunavut (the newest Territory), but maybe not…

  4. Breean Elyse Says:

    Chicago will do you proud!

    Also, love the smize

  5. Erin Says:

    your last shots are beautiful…great lips!

  6. Sarah Says:

    I can wear it in Michigan and send it to Utah!

  7. astrbear Says:

    I can do Washington State! It may not make it back to Port Ludlow, but I can show it the ferry and Puget Sound.

  8. Yvonne Says:

    If it goes to Washington, Bill requests that it comes home with coffee.

  9. Holly Harpy Says:

    Tyra would tell you you’re not SMIZING and then start making faces. Everybody must SMIIIIIZE! But you do look fantastic, and the neckershawl thingy is gorgeous.

  10. JoAnna Says:

    You have no idea who I am, but I would be happy to help with DC, VA and MD…and then send it to my mom in IN.

  11. Liz Says:

    I’ll play for Manitoba if you send it to Tara in Ontario!

  12. Sue Says:

    If you ask me, i think it’s the red plaid shirt that isn’t rockin the right vibe for your new SW creation. I say put on a dark long sleeved shirt, grey or black or a pea coat, and your glasses, its definitely got the studious vibe. Accessorize and see if it changes your mind at all.

  13. Bobbie in AK Says:

    This is a great idea! I’d love to host your Clockwork. Alaska’s equally beautiful in the Winter and Summer. I know you don’t know me but.. you never know!

  14. jen Says:

    tour idea is fantastic….what about northern and southern hemisphere swaps then it will be used all year round???
    p.s. very happy to help out down under if it needs a home..i think it looks great…

  15. Kathy Says:

    you’re walking the kale-walk and looking knitterly fierce. I’ll be your california girl. Because 1) I love green and 2) I love the idea. Like it’s a bitchin’ idea. of course, shouldn’t it start with shara? me thinks so.

  16. Kathy Says:

    oh, and I’ve got an in to the Australia knit scene, if you want to be brave with a world tour…

  17. Faye Says:

    Dibs on Ohio.

  18. oneofthehive Says:

    I’ll totally represent Maine for you 🙂

    What a cool idea! I think it would be fun to have a photo essay sort of time-capsule of lots of different people wearing your Clockwork… not to mention, it could be a fun way to “meet” new knitters, and maybe each visitor that your Clockwork visits, then they could send along a special little “knitterly” gift to the next person on the list. For example, if I got to have a visit from your clockwork, I would send along some lovely Quince and Co. yarn along to the next knitter…

    That’s just a thought top add to a really fun idea.

    Heidi (crazy chick at Rhinebeck that bugged you while you were in line getting food :-D)

  19. Kimberly Says:

    I got Pennsylvania!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I think it looks great on you

  20. Kimberly Says:

    i think..just an idea…that we all need to take a pic of it and email it to you where it ends up then you can do a nifty world tour blog

  21. Anne knitter Says:

    Did you smize? Tyra only likes it only if you smize.

    The last time i was in Pittsburg was to stalk sidney Crosby.

  22. Guin Says:

    Happy to show it British Columbia! I do think it’s pretty great on you.

  23. you know who Says:

    Mom gets dibs on Michigan visit. And I promise to mail it to where ever you tell me.

  24. California was called pretty fast. Although, being a Bay Area girl, I could get a good Golden Gate shot.

  25. eclecticitee Says:

    Hm…and if you decide to expand the tour beyond North America, you’ve got a middle east candidate. Along the Mediterranean coast, perhaps, or at the Sea of Galilee? Nice pics to add, eh? 😉

  26. Adrienne Says:

    I call New York (state, not the city, which is it’s own thing). And I could probably get it to the Czech Republic, if you think it would like to go there…

  27. Frankie Says:

    I think your clockwork looks fantastic and you rock it! I love your photos — fierce! What a really cool idea to send it on a tour Flat-Stanley style and share your work.

  28. Stacey Says:

    A tour would be fun, that is a great scarf! I call dibs for Connecticut!

  29. Robin Says:

    I know Texans don’t normally need scarves, what with the warm that never ends down here, but I’ll gladly show your scarf Texas and our big cities. I could sure use a good scarf right now, anyway – barely over freezing calls for a good scarf, no matter where you are!

  30. Aimee Says:

    I am in Utah!!! I have friends in just about every state. A great knitter friend in FL, the place where you wouldn’t think you would find a knitter! I also know people in Alaska, Nevada, California, New York, Idaho, Maine, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. And I actually have a friend in Taiwan that would show it a good time!

  31. Shara Says:

    YAY! Let me know if you want someone for it to visit in Michigan!

  32. sharon71 Says:

    I’m in Australia!! I’d take it for a visit.

  33. Andrea Says:

    Dang bitches. I wanted Marcus to represent for MI. He’s one sexy motha. That should count! 😉

    P.S.- Love the “tour” idea. Fantastic!!

  34. booklish Says:

    I love the tour!
    I’d love to take it for a tour of the LYS here in Calgary, and definitly for tea @ the fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta. I also have peeps back home in Northern Ontario, including a friend with her own LYS (@thematchfactory)
    Beautiful knitting as always.
    I tried to leave this earlier, but Larry the Laptop chose than moment to have a meltdown. 😦

  35. Dorothy D Says:

    I would be down for showing it a good time in South Dakota and I would even be willing to hop the border and show it Wyoming.

  36. kelli ann Says:

    I would so represent la belle province (Montreal down to the Eastern Townships).

  37. Melissa A. Says:

    Wow that is such a cool idea! We have 10 provinces and 3 territories up here in Canada 😉

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