spunky clockwork

May 26, 2011

in all the confusion of my life,
i kinda lost track of my traveling clockwork.
last i knew, it was with amy aka boogie aka spunky eclectic.

photo courtesy of amy/spunky eclectic

she passed it on to erica d. in toronto.
other than that, i’ve lost track of it.
erica, if you’re out there,
i hope you’ve taken care of it!

if anyone else has spotted it on the internets,
do let me know, won’t you?
i worry so.

2 Responses to “spunky clockwork”

  1. Erica D Says:

    Worry not! Your lovely clockwork arrived safely last week, and I have been at a standoff with the rain for a photo… then on to it’s next adventure!

  2. jen Says:

    its winter down here…if you need a home for your lovely gorgeous travelling clockwork to be loved and adored and then posted back to the the northern hemisphere….just let me know….i promise i will love it…and take good care of it….

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