fifty nifty

January 12, 2011

per usual, i’m writing from my favorite place in pittsburgh,
drinking coffee and waiting for some yummy kale.
(who ever thought i’d like kale?)

and as requested,
here is my model shot of the clockwork:
anyone else see it?
the thing that is slightly not me?
even after blocking, it’s still a bit short for me.
and maybe it’s a touch too . . . grellow? (sorry kim).

your comments were helpful, if a bit contradictory:

Personally, if you don’t like it now…you never will. Just part with it immediately is what I say. (Perhaps to your favorite quilter???) Give ya a quarter…

that’s what my gut says.
and i like your semi-selfish undertone.
quarter indeed.

but nancy said:
A really good principal I worked for told me to always wait 5 hours before sending a response to a negative parent email. I think the same advice could be adapted here. Wait 5 days. Lay it on your bed, on a chair and just let it soak in. Once it is gone, it is gone.

sound advice.
i put a lot of effort into it
and i should wait to be sure i don’t like it before i send it away.

but i think i found shara’s comment to be the most intriguing:
Send it on a trip around the world? Flat Stanley style….only more like “warm, traveling knitting” style.

this idea sounds amazing; i kinda love it.
i like the idea of my clockwork visiting, say,
all fifty states? and maybe all the canadian provinces?
(how many are there again? isn’t there a new one now?)

i think that’s what i’m going to do;
send it to someone in another state who will then pass it on,
helping it to see america, and gain some experience points.
that way, i’m giving myself plenty of time to think it over,
and even though other people get to “have” it for a bit,
it’s still mine!

it’s putting a lot of faith in the knitting community, i know
but i trust ya, bitches!

what do we think?

p.s. here are some outtakes of me trying to do a stephen west style shot of the clockwork. i need longer arms!
i think tyra would be proud.