nice package

November 30, 2010

while mo may not have given up on waiting for the mailman

i have.

i got the package i was hoping for from yokoo.
she even sent me a bonus package.
perfect for my upcoming birthday trip to nyc.
i can’t wait to do a ‘thank you’ photo shoot!

i was expecting two others,
but i think i may have to give up on them for now.
which is a bummer since i love a good package,
and am unusually invested in receiving mail.

hopefully you are too.

since i’ve got a couch full of packages going out today.

if you guessed the right book in my “livid” post,
want a skein, and haven’t sent me your address,
better send it soon!

(of course, you had to have posted a comment with the correct guess before i revealed it in “fuel for the fire”)

in knitting news,
i’ve been feeling a bit uninspired.
any suggestions for something i simply must knit?

7 Responses to “nice package”

  1. Karen C Says:

    wait…wah? when are you coming to NYC?!?! send me an email – I’d love to buy you a b’day cocktail!

  2. V. Says:

    Must-knit: romper for roommate. With pockets and hood.

  3. kimberly Says:

    I was JUST talking about you an hour ago.

    Went home from work to have lunch and as I was leaving I said to my guy… “keep an eye out for the mail. I have yarn coming from Steven…PLEASE PLEASE put it inside right away so wool-robbers don’t come and steal it”

    He gave me a stupid look…you never know about wool robbers 🙂

  4. Sabrina Says:

    I think you are reading knits men want
    Question can I give you my address by email if I am right?
    Hugs from a knitter that always follows your work.

  5. jen Says:

    you could always knit me a swiss cheese scarf…i simply cant get that pattern to work!

  6. Zelda Says:

    I hear hemp spa cloths are a real treat to knit! You should make one!

  7. Erin Says:

    THANK YOU, Steven!
    I got my package and an contemplating some wrist warmers or knee warmers 🙂 Lovely royal blue wool to go with my acid green pea jacket.

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