November 18, 2010

tuesdays and wednesdays compose my “weekend.”
naturally, i tend to take care of business on those days.
this past “weekend,” i spent the majority of that time on my couch;
fielding emails,
filling in applications,
obsessing over twitter,
and generally worrying about my future.

with the vest blocking on my bed,
i even spent a night on the couch.
it’s the best $15 i ever spent really.

suddenly, i found i had nothing to knit.
i mean, i’ve got a couple things hibernating,
but nothing i’m ready to face again just yet.

so i wound up a ball of luscious silk

by hand of course. (see ms. mcphee, i did learn my lesson.)

the next day, a shawl is born.

my model wasn’t feeling very cooperative.

i know i’ve complained thoroughly about the juneberry triangle in the past,but with two under my belt, i’m kinda having fun this time around.

so thanks to you random grocery store checkout lady!
enjoy that first silver shawl,
but this one’s tina’s.
step off bitch.