one of the blogs i try to keep up with is adrienne martini’s.
she has two excellent templates for getting a blog post out there:
“many things make a post”
and, my personal favorite,
“shameless self-promotion.”

today i shall synthesize them for my own shameless, misdirected blog entry.

what the hell!
i think i’ll also make a list like the yarn harlot!

1. i desperately need to destash. in doing so i hope to regain some precious square footage and maybe some even more precious cash.

2. one of the goals i have for my blog is to get it to the number one spot on the first google page when you search for “bitches get stitches.” when i search now, it’s at either 3 or 4. this is unacceptable. as i understand it, people linking to my website ( can help move me up the list. must work on this.

3. it’s been a while since i’ve done a giveaway and i feel the itch. though it may be just my chest hair growing back in after my halloween costume i suppose.

4. i think i have figured out a way to kill a few birds with one cyber stone:

the fourth bitches get stitches giveaway!

the rules:
1. add me to your blogroll
2. comment with a link as proof
3. that comment becomes your number and you’re entered!

if you’ve already added me to your blogroll,
you’re one step ahead of the game.

if you don’t have a blog, get creative!
follow me on twitter
or tweet your favorite bitches get stitches post.
i’ll be flexible.

just leave a comment letting me know/linking to confirm.

the winner will get to pick a skein from my destash pile.

the yarns from right to left:
1. socks that rock heavyweight by blue moon fiber arts in the “fall on tap” colorway.

2. tosh worsted (now known as tosh dk) by madelinetosh yarns in the “thyme” colorway

3. tosh worsted (now known as tosh dk) by madelinetosh yarns in the “norway spruce” colorway

4. tosh sock by madelinetosh yarns in the “bungalow” colorway

5. seduction by blue moon fiber arts in the “oregon red clover honey” colorway (a fave skein of mine *sigh*)

6. caper sock by string theory in the “vert” colorway

7. “naturally dyed sock yarn”, 100% superwash merino, 100g/380yds by abundant yarn and dyeworks in the “neon bible” colorway

8. some hand dyed yarn by woven art. the label reads “treadsoft, 100% superwash merino, ~4 ounces ~490 yards.

the winner will be chosen on friday by some random number generator.

who’s in?

ugh i just realized my friend anna is going to disapprove of this shamelessness and call me annie modesitt or something.

oh well.

edit: a winner has been drawn. thanks for playing!