November 30, 2010

i try not to blog more than once in one day,
but i cannot keep quiet on this one.

it’s no secret,
at least i don’t think it is,
that i love miss yokoo.
years ago, when i first started knitting,
veronica brought her to my attention,
and i fell immediately in love.

there is just something about the way she portrays herself,
not only yokoo the real person,
but yokoo the real persona,
the brand,
the icon.
i found and find her mesmerizing.
the way she constantly evolves, lives her art form,
and somehow makes a living off of it . . .

i know it’s a total cliche but she’s one of my biggest inspirations.
her dedication and perseverance motivate me to do the same,
to sit my ass down and write,
or knit,
or write about knitting.

over the past couple years,
i’ve purchased a few original yokoos.
we’ve also become internet buds,
giving each other a supportive comment,
tweeting our appreciation of each other’s crafts.
(or maybe i’m just an overzealous fan lol)

she made a name for herself on etsy and flickr,
and today, etsy released a “handmade portrait” of miss yokoo.
i was totally nervous to finally hear her voice,
and i in no way expected to hear the old soul in the video.
(though why i don’t know).

and i just felt i had to share it with you.
so here it is bitches,
the handmade portrait of yokoo:

seriously yokoo, congrats.
and in the immortal words of rupaul,
don’t fuck it up!

ps i would give a million dollars if someone can help me make the video fit within my blog column.

nice package

November 30, 2010

while mo may not have given up on waiting for the mailman

i have.

i got the package i was hoping for from yokoo.
she even sent me a bonus package.
perfect for my upcoming birthday trip to nyc.
i can’t wait to do a ‘thank you’ photo shoot!

i was expecting two others,
but i think i may have to give up on them for now.
which is a bummer since i love a good package,
and am unusually invested in receiving mail.

hopefully you are too.

since i’ve got a couch full of packages going out today.

if you guessed the right book in my “livid” post,
want a skein, and haven’t sent me your address,
better send it soon!

(of course, you had to have posted a comment with the correct guess before i revealed it in “fuel for the fire”)

in knitting news,
i’ve been feeling a bit uninspired.
any suggestions for something i simply must knit?