November 22, 2010

i can be realistic.
the knitting world is dominated by women.
and there ain’t nothing wrong with that at all.
so it’s not a surprise that there are far fewer knitting books for guys,
and that many are for women to knit for men.

this is all fine.

i can even get over the fact that i’m gonna see a lot of boring grey vests and sweaters designed for men. all this is ok with me, if a little disappointing.

i am currently reading what can only be described
as the most offensive “men’s” knitting book ever written.

it is page after page of stereotypes
that only serve to fullfill themselves!


but before i finish reading this thing,
and writing my scathing analysis of this bitch,
i thought, why not do something positive, right?

so if you can guess the name of the book i’m reading right now,
i’ll send you a skein of yarn.

let the games begin bitches!

edit: contest CLOSED! thanks for playing.