an open letter to my knitting

November 3, 2010

dear knitting,

i know i haven’t spent as much time with you today as i said i would.
but you have to admit i’ve stayed pretty true to you over the years.

i appreciate your tolerance,
and that you recognize that monogamy isn’t my style.
my fooling around with that shiny new spinning wheel at work,
that’s for you. . . for us!

i love you, but today,
you may think i crossed a line.

today, on this beautiful november afternoon,

i took my first steps toward quilting.

my friend lee practically begged me to try it.

and before i knew what was happening,
she was showing me the basics.

yes the fact that i was sitting on a curb

with sewer fumes periodically wafting up
makes it look like i wanted to quilt like a crackhead wants. . . well. . . crack.

and yes,
lee gave me this awesome quilting kit to get me started,

but it’s not what it looks like.

sure i’m sentimental.
i love making things with my hands,
things that are connected to tradition,
things that stand the test of time because i put the effort in.

but honestly,
i’m only doing this so that someday
i can replace the threadbare quilt my grandma made.

one quilt. just one.
two, two at the most!

it’s a temporary thing.
what we have? my love for you?
that’s forever.

i hope you understand.



ps (to the readers). what? like you don’t talk to your knitting. sheesh.
go enter my contest already

(this post unconsciously inspired by the yarn harlot *sigh*)

7 Responses to “an open letter to my knitting”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I started quilting before knitting. I like it but because it is like putting a puzzle together. But I have a short attention span so I mostly do wall quilts. Knitting will forgive you!

  2. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:

    You are so nice to your knitting, telling it what you are up to. I know that knitting, being loyal, understands that it’s only one quilt (or two). Knitting knows how many, many knitters also love quilting.

    And it’s so much better than that under your breath, cursing conversation with the individual stitches, patterns, yarn that doesn’t cooperate. Knitting appreciates your kindness.

  3. Melynda Says:

    *sigh* I want to learn to quilt. Actually, I just want someone to quilt beautiful things for me- that would do.

  4. Alison Says:

    The image of a man sitting on a curb, quilting, is priceless to me. It’s giving me all sorts of ideas involving me reaching out to homeless people by teaching them various crafts.

  5. Austin Val Says:

    Betcha can’t stop at 2 quilts.

  6. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    If any of the many lovely quilts you’re sure to crank out find themselves in need of a home, I humbly offer mine. 🙂 I’m actually very, very blessed by a step-mama in Michigan that is an amazing quilter and and has gifted us with quite a few. You can never, ever have too many quilts! (And the knitting will forgive you – especially if you quilted it its own little bag.) I think quilting and weaving are the two most beautiful fiber art forms – endless possibilities for color and texture. Happy quilting!

  7. Yvonne Says:

    I’m bringing my quilting on Tuesday.

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