i don’t believe in breaking rules,

March 29, 2010

but i do believe in bending the shit out of them.
so even though i haven’t cast off two WIP’s yet,
i have started something new:

(pattern – naalepuder, yarn – mochi plus in autumn rainbow colorway)

now let me clarify for all you non-knitters out there.
the rule i had made for myself was that i wouldn’t cast on a new project until i had cast off two in order to get through my backlog.
this little pincushion is crocheted.
you don’t cast on crocheted items.
i have honored the letter of my rule and evicerated its spirit.
(insert devious laugh of your choice)

gotta love a loophole.

i am still working on my girasole,
but i’m finally at the edging.

aint she perty?

8 Responses to “i don’t believe in breaking rules,”

  1. Ariane Says:

    Love the color of the crocheted thing.
    HUGE Girasole. Keep up the good work.
    Rules are more guidelines than actual rules.

  2. Deborah Rose Says:

    Me too, love love love the colour of that wool.

    (Note to self, I live in America now so it’s ‘color’ and ‘yarn’)

    I’m gobsmacked by the girasole, it looks so intricate and…yeah…huuuuuge!

  3. Melynda Says:

    I’m so loving your girasole! Is the edging taking *forever*?! Right when I thought I was almost there that darn edging got in the way- didn’t realize I still had a few days of work left!

    • bitchesgetstitches Says:

      it’s definitely taking longer than i’d like. i think its because it’s so awkward with this huge blanket pulling on your dpns/edging, which slows everything down. but i will finish! i have a blocking party scheduled so it has to be in the water before then.



  4. Katie Says:

    yet no mention of Andrew Ross 😉

  5. Yvonne Says:

    OMG you’re trucking away on that Girasole! Can’t wait for the par-tay!

  6. Christine Says:

    I would lurv to win that Girasole!

    I was so sad to not see Steph, as I had a Science Olympiad event farrr away from DPL..otherwise I would have run like the wind there.

    thank you for offering the Girasole….I’m going to win it! (huh?)

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