anyone got an aspirin?

March 22, 2010

i’ve found a problem with my new rule:
it doesn’t make for riveting blogging.
i’ll continue stitching along on my girasole,
and hope something amusing or interesting will happen.

i have sixteen rows to go before the edging
which, as you know, will then take forever to finish
i have given myself a semi-solid deadline for completion of this epic blanket, but after the socks and sweater, i don’t know if i have it in me.

also, my shoulder hurts. i can’t really afford the injury right now but i’m working through it sans pain killer. i’m manly like that.

how did i hurt myself?
let’s just say it involves three hours of sleep and a gymnastic demonstration. that’s all i’m willing to say about it.

in a last ditch effort to provide some kind of entertainment value to this post, here’s another picture of mo:

he’s quite the sentinel, guarding us from such dangers as rustling leaves and any overly ambitious window treatments.

next time on bitches get stitches: a mini rant on jared flood’s pattern the girasole a.k.a. me whining.