every once in a while, we all need to get away.
and let me tell you, bitches, i needed to get away.
this time, i decided to head to the source of love in my life
my childhood homestead
my family
the magical mitten
the great state of michigan.
great lakes, great times isn’t just a corny motto; it’s a fact bitches.

as fate would have it, the stars have converged and a special event has coincided with my visit.
canada’s own yarn harlot is coming to the detroit public library


now, i have never made my love for stephanie pearl-mcphee a secret. i make no apologies for my superfan status. i know that plenty of you share my . . . i don’t want to say obsession but . . . you know what i’m saying
(anna, before you say anything, i have two words for you. jared. flood.)

however, people may not know about my love for the d.
for you non-michiganders, that’s detroit.
i’m a 5th generation detroiter . . .sorta. i was born there, but like most white people, my family eventually left the city. (don’t blame me! it’s history bitches. i wasn’t even born yet)

so the chance to see my knitting idle in the city i love in one of the most beautiful buildings in detroit . . .
it just seems like one of those fated moments when you realize that all the choices of your life have lead to this moment

ok. i know i’m being a bit melodramatic.
again, no apologies.

so, inspired by the spirit of the yarn harlot herself, i decided to make a traveling sock. here’s the sock meeting my homestead

isn’t it cute? (yarn: tosh sock, colorway: terrarium, pattern: stephanie pearl-mcphee’s a good plain sock)

this will be my first pair.
i have made a sock in the past. one. singular.
why will i finish this pair?
what’s different this time?
this pair, my bitches, will be a gift for ms. stephanie pearl-mcphee.
(cool it, anna.)

so for all of you people who get that, sometimes, our inner fan makes us crazy, wish me luck.
i’m gonna need it.