i’m one lucky bitch

March 16, 2010

while taking a nap this afternoon, i got a couple text messages letting me know that the yarn harlot blogged about me and my socks!:

“And there was Steven,
who not only knit his first socks, but knit them for me, which was pretty outstandingly touching. (I’ve had a good look at them too… they’re perfect. They look nothing like first socks. Darned good knitting, even though he had to put a rush on them and finished them right there.)”

i know they’re not perfect, but i’m loving the idea the sock knitter herself gave my socks a proverbial gold star.

in the very same post you should also note ms. juliet (the fine lady who knitted the carrot).
or as i know her, my first fan.

waiting in in the morning rain for the library to open, she asked me if i was steven. i figured since i was back in michigan that maybe i was a school mate of one of her children or maybe she was a former teacher i just didn’t recognize.

no my friends, she recognized me from my blog. (how cool is that?!)
believe me when i say that was the best way to start one of my favorite days.
she even asked me to put some of my mojo on her carrot.
thanks juliet!

unrelated to my harlot encounter, i’m currently watching the original halloween by john carpenter. in one brief shot, you see that laurie (jamie lee curtis) has a knitting bag! how cool is that! i guess her long aluminum needles and blue acrylic yarn are supposed to add to her 70’s girl scout persona.

all i could think was she should use them to defend herself later on in the movie!