so i’ve come to realize that i’m not a typical knitter.
why i thought knitting should be any different from the rest of my existence i don’t know.

first of all, i’m not much of a stasher. don’t have the space, money, or inclination really. (ok i totally have the inclination, it’s more about the space and money)

i also seem to be a bit more adventurous in choosing projects with a higher level of difficulty for someone who hasn’t been knitting for two years yet.

and, while i pay lip service to non-monogamous knitting, it’s starting to take a bit of a toll. the toll being i really want to start new things but i feel a bit guilty about it when i have projects sitting around that i’d love to see finished.

so i’ve decided to get down to business and initiate a new rule:
before i can cast on a new project, i must cast off two.

i figure this is more realistic than saying i can’t start something new until i finish all the projects i have on needles but i’ll be working my way through everything. i mean, let’s be real, i’m still a bit of a knitting slut. i’m gonna see a pretty face and cast him on.

first up: my girasole

mr. mo is on board and promises to keep me on task.

like most of my knitting, this is a gift.
but i’m not saying for which bitch!