stockholm – the final thoughts

February 27, 2012

the last two days of my stockholm trip were the most uneventful.
all i did, really, was go to the symposium,
which was, after all,
the reason i went.

the first thing i noticed
was that i was severely misdressed.
my clothes were stuffy if stylish
but far too formal.

everyone was totally cool euroqueer
with the hair and the boots and such.
i felt like my americanness pulsated from within
and rated a goose egg on the coolness queerometer.

sitting up front and taking notes on my computer was also a bit odd apparently. i looked overeager or like i thought i belonged with
“the professors.”

the worst part was that no one was looking at or judging me,
which would allow me to have been like, “fuck them!”
no no. they didn’t even seem to notice.
my standing out was only observed
by me.


but there were some cool things that happened.

for instance,
within five minutes of ann cvetkovich’s talk,
she brought up knitting (it made sense as an example).
a beat later she pointed out that patti white was knitting as she spoke!

i didn’t bring my knitting
since i wasn’t sure it’d be appropriate.

well let me tell you!
the next day i wore my own shit kickin’ boots,
and dressed as comfortably as i pleased.
i mean, if i can’t wear my color work in sweden,
where can i wear it?
i made sure to take a good one of the bohus hat for misa.
had to prove i took it there.

misa a swear i’m weaving in ends.
i promise to get it to you
by rhinebeck lol.

when i arrived a the symposium,
ann cvetkovich sat next to me!
we chatted about the talk,
the symposium
my knitting,
(which i brought with me to day two)
and she introduced me to jackie stacey.
(these are famous academics.
it’s like being knitting famous
just with a different crowd)

the talks were really impressive
and demonstrated how far i have to go as an academic.
still, it was worth the trip. i learned a lot.
and what a cool location, right?

while stockholm is a cool town,
and i got to see barely any of it,
it didn’t really impress me.
i told the shuttle bus lady at the detroit airport
when she asked if i would ever go back,
no. probably not.

unless i was on some grand tour of europe,
and it was one of many stops,
nothing about stockholm makes me feel like i need to see more.

except maybe this little guy.
frenchies have taken over the world, apparently.
even the mighty viking bows to the cuteness.

stockholm’s like that
cute guy you spent that one summer evening with.
it was a fun time, and he was really nice.
you got his digits and plan to keep in touch
but really, neither of you plans to see the other again.

she’s got some charm.

oh yeah.
i got some knitting done too.
pattern: a good, plain sock from knitting rules!pattern: gandeymitts by spillyjane

neither pair fits.
the socks are only slightly too small,
and really i can blame lack of experience.
i’m just not sure yet when to begin my toe decreases.

the mittens i can only blame myself for.
i know i’m a tighter knitter,
especially my color work.
so i thought going up a needle size would be enough.
but i never checked my gauge, so i have no one to blame but me.
based on the fit, going up one more needle would have done the trick.
but i couldn’t bring myself to check my gauge
because i knew i couldn’t stomach ripping.
i just couldn’t.

so i’m giving both the socks and the mittens away.
the socks are spoken for.

but i need to find a lady hand
or dainty man hand (franklin?)
on which to put the mitts.

and i still don’t really like shelter.

10 Responses to “stockholm – the final thoughts”

  1. kelley krapp Says:

    Regardless of fit they are both absolutely lovely!

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Mmmm, that sweater and hat are delightful.

  3. Barbara S. Says:

    I love your sweater! Do you have any recommendations as far as books or patterns for a first time colorwork knitter?
    I want my next project to be colorwork socks and I am leaning towards SpillyJane’s William It Was Really Nothing socks.

  4. Well, Swedes are known for their Oddness in dressing, at least in my old city so nobody notices, also, Swedes will never stare or point it out, Far too reserved for that. Instead they dont look and keep you guessing, A lesson i learned..haha

  5. woolydaisy Says:

    too bad it wasn’t warmer-you could have worn your boots and your hot pants! you’d show though euro queers whos BOSS! woot! i think that poor little dog needs a sweater!!!! don’t tehy know about dog sweaters in sweden?

    p.s.-i have dainty hands:)
    hint hint!

  6. Anonymous, too Says:

    Woolydaizy is right — if it was cold enough for Swedes to wear puffy jackets, that poor little Frenchie needed a coat or sweater. Maybe boots and a muffler, too.

    Too bad the socks are a little small. They look like they’d make really warm bed socks for those nights when someone (Could his name be Mo?) is hogging all the covers.

    As for your wardrobe in Sweden, it is hard to have an opinion when we have seen so little of it. You rock that colorwork sweater, and the greens in the hat help bring out the red shades in your scruff!

    Besides, I’ve heard Swedes tend to be pretty reserved in some ways. They wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable about your clothes unless you were wearing something wildly inappropriate — say, a clown suit or J. Lo’s Oscar gown to a very formal state funeral.

  7. cauchy09 Says:

    oh, the academic conference angst! i totally hear myself in your words here. while my sphere is little known for its fashion sense, there is a grand separation based on other nerdy and snobby principles.

    welcome back!

  8. Crystal Says:

    lord god in heaven! You need a lady with some hands AND I am the owner of lady hands! I think we were meant for each other. 😉

    It kills me ded that you give away your knitted beauties. You are a saint, obvs. I like to hoard anything I knit and just take them out to pet once a year. Twice a year if my knitted beauts are being especially good. I have thought (briefly) about making something for someone other than my midgets and then quickly toss the idea. Perhaps because it takes mt a frigging year to knit a small scarf, 1/2 a sock, or a hat that kinda sorta fits.

    I am glad you are back. Missed your posts.

  9. woolydaisy Says:

    damn my hands are soooooooooooooooo cold. brrrrrr.

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