secret single behavior

February 4, 2012

it’s 1:01 am as i start this blog post.
that should give a hint as to its caliber.

a large part of how i understand reality has been shaped by television.
television has been and ever-present friend to me over the years,
and much of how i live is based on the lessons it’s taught me.

living alone for the past several months
has brought to the idea of secret single behavior
to the fore of my mind, one of television’s truly fascinating concepts.
(extra points to those who know where that little gem comes from)

the idea is we all have weird behavior(s) that,
for whatever reason,
make us happy.
they are odd,
and often unexplainable,
but, regardless, bring a dose of contentment to our existence.

perhaps it’s how you brush your hair the same way every morning,
or eliminate every single blackhead from your face at night.
maybe it’s the order of operations in the shower
that must be done the same way every time.
it can be anything.

when one is single, as i am,
one is free to indulge in said behaviors to any extent one wishes.

when one is attached,
many of these behaviors go underground
for fear one’s weirdness will scare off the mate.
which isn’t to say they disappear,
they just become more secret.

i’ve done an inventory of my secret single behavior
and worry that perhaps everything about me is weird.
and perhaps no one behavior stand out as truly ssb.
several are, of course, too inappropriate
even for this blog.


because it is after 1 am
i felt the need to pick one
and share it with world.

and since february seems replete with blog challenges,
i hope some of my blogger friends will follow suit.

one of my secret single behaviors?
i love drinking water out of my pyrex measuring cup.

i can’t explain it.
it just makes me happy.

what about you?

*** i thought maybe if i tag some folks, they will be compelled to play along: izabelle, chawne, stephen, jane, and adrienne. if any of you dear readers blog yours, do let me know.***

edit: here’s some great ssb