secret single behavior

February 4, 2012

it’s 1:01 am as i start this blog post.
that should give a hint as to its caliber.

a large part of how i understand reality has been shaped by television.
television has been and ever-present friend to me over the years,
and much of how i live is based on the lessons it’s taught me.

living alone for the past several months
has brought to the idea of secret single behavior
to the fore of my mind, one of television’s truly fascinating concepts.
(extra points to those who know where that little gem comes from)

the idea is we all have weird behavior(s) that,
for whatever reason,
make us happy.
they are odd,
and often unexplainable,
but, regardless, bring a dose of contentment to our existence.

perhaps it’s how you brush your hair the same way every morning,
or eliminate every single blackhead from your face at night.
maybe it’s the order of operations in the shower
that must be done the same way every time.
it can be anything.

when one is single, as i am,
one is free to indulge in said behaviors to any extent one wishes.

when one is attached,
many of these behaviors go underground
for fear one’s weirdness will scare off the mate.
which isn’t to say they disappear,
they just become more secret.

i’ve done an inventory of my secret single behavior
and worry that perhaps everything about me is weird.
and perhaps no one behavior stand out as truly ssb.
several are, of course, too inappropriate
even for this blog.


because it is after 1 am
i felt the need to pick one
and share it with world.

and since february seems replete with blog challenges,
i hope some of my blogger friends will follow suit.

one of my secret single behaviors?
i love drinking water out of my pyrex measuring cup.

i can’t explain it.
it just makes me happy.

what about you?

*** i thought maybe if i tag some folks, they will be compelled to play along: izabelle, chawne, stephen, jane, and adrienne. if any of you dear readers blog yours, do let me know.***

edit: here’s some great ssb

12 Responses to “secret single behavior”

  1. Iz Says:

    SO in. Let’s hope I don’t scare off any potential suitors…

  2. cauchy09 Says:

    heh. living alone does mean one can be free. i like to brush my teeth in the shower, among many other things. pyrex sipping seems like a nice way to keep track of exactly how much you drink, but yeah…

  3. Amy Boogie Says:

    I’m not single but I have a favorite spoon….and also a backup favorite spoon. I get very excited when I see them in the silverware drawer when it’s cereal time. I will also sometimes hide it so I can be sure it’ll be there later when I want to use it.

    on a side note – I don’t think I changed my weird behaviors when I paternered up. I suppose that might be why LilBoog has a favorite spoon she hugs and kisses when she sees it in the drawer. passing on the weird….

  4. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    All of my weirdness has been around so long it now seems normal, so I just assume the rest of the world is the same way. Are you telling me everyone DOESN’T have a dance party and sing to Lady Gaga when they’re home by themselves (yes, using a hairbrush as a microphone)? Or sing show tunes to their dogs? Or samba with the cats? Damn.

  5. Sara Says:

    Love SATC… and Love this post! My SSB: I sleep with objects! Ok, that sounds bad… but what I mean is I sleep with my phone (as an alarm), my laptop, the book I’m currently reading etc. After I’m done working or reading for the night, I’ll just set my book or laptop on the bed beside me before I sleep. Even though there’s a night-stand next to my bed… (Why…)
    And, yes, I work on my laptop while sitting in my bed (instead of at a desk) before I sleep. I guess that’s another SSB.
    -Sara S

  6. Zelda Says:

    I’ve been outed by my first live-in-boyfriend since July (Zelda, why do you have so many glasses and cups?), but I have a complicated matrix of what mugs/glasses/stemware/teacups can be used for specific substances. It seems perfectly reasonable to me, but it is nearly impossible to fully explain, and often depends on the whimsy of the moment.
    The simpler rules: Milk cannot be in a transparent glass of any kind. Its hierarchy of vessel is: opaque plastic (vintage soft Tupperware preferred over hard), ceramic mug (small), and then heavily frosted glass. Water must of course be in a transparent vessel: clear glass, tinted glass, clear hard plastic last. Those make the most sense in a liquid:material kind of way. Whenever I find a graceful piece of stemware that I can afford I buy a glass or two: rules for their usage are not at all related to normal wine variety protocol and are often juice related.
    Yes, I get a little stressed out if I have to drink orange juice out of the wrong glass.
    Also I CANNOT FIND THE GOOD GRAPEFRUIT KNIFE. I am going out of my mind about it a little.
    For a week.

  7. Lizz Says:

    Sally! We have similar “home alone behaviors”. I’m pretty sure I’ve done all of those things at least once.

    I’ve never lived totally alone, so I’m not sure what my “single behaviors” are. I do belt out the showtunes and dance around when I’m home alone, and I’m very, very particular about the order in which I wash the dishes, but the boy knows this and tries very hard not to bring me silverware when I’m almost done as he knows this makes me crazy 🙂

  8. I need clutter around me. It’s an awful thing, but I feel such anxiety when in a ridiculously tidy place.

  9. […] bitch tagged me in his post about weird behaviors we’re forced to hide when involved with a significant other. One of […]

  10. Marie Says:

    I drink my chocolate milk by the spoonful – I’ve done it ever since I was a little kid. Also, anytime I eat a snack cake (swiss cake rolls and chocolate cupcakes in particular) I have to pick the chocolate icing/shell off before I eat the rest. And oreos ALWAYS get pulled apart to leave the icing on the one side, the icing-free piece gets ate, and then the icing gets licked off little by little before I finish the cookie.

    Now that I list that out… I think I have issues with playing with my food.

  11. I like to watch the cheese block disappear, knowing that I’ve been the only one to eat it. Now that I live with my wife, I cast suspicious (and deserved!) glances at her when I know she’s been eating it, too.

  12. Brooke Says:

    I’ve been single now for a year.. Officially – Feb 6 of last year was my first night alone in my “new” old house…secret single behavior?? I have texture issues.. which I don’t really keep secret. I can’t stand the feel of cement/concrete on my bare feet. I have these brushed metal knifes.. gives me the heebie jeebies to even touch them. Red wine MUST be drunken from a RED WINE GLASS, same with white wine – period. end of story. There is NOT room for debate. Even when I am home alone (hello, single – no roommates) I always lock the bathroom door.. not sure why.. oh, and I have a bit of OCD – must check locks on doors at least twice before going to bed. but I have to admit, pyrex drinking is wicked odd. (just kidding).

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