February 6, 2012

a combination of shotgunning a grande mocha
and late night isolation in my office
has altered my state of mind.

i’m having a psychonautic moment here people.

i’m writing in crazy bursts of inspiration
and then flitting all over my office,
tidying, organizing, updating
software and such.

all while having a particular song stuck in my head.

any guesses?

it’s xanadu.
(telling, i know)

in my youth,
i ‘discovered’ this movie
and, somehow, the tape made it into my life.

i remember driving home in my dad’s saturn station wagon,
playing that tape and singing along, balls out.
and when it got to the title track,
i put that shit on a loop!

i realize now,
that no matter how old, weird,
and just generally off my father may be,
he was and is a mother fucking saint.

a deep love for me is the only explanation for why he didn’t flip out,
rip the tape out of the car stereo, and tell me to shut the fuck up.
i think he would have been well within his rights to do so.

thanks daddy.

and now,
for you viewing pleasure,
here’s the video:
just another peek into my insanity.

** a few notes on this video’s awesomeness:
1 – gene kelly on roller skates
2 – that smile @2:12
3 – the beam out @3:10
4 – oliva newton john’s halter outfit
(veronica, you need that in your life)