“so what? so plenty!”

February 14, 2012

what do i know about love?
it’s kinda fucked up and complicated as hell!
at least that’s what the movies taught me. right?
happy valentine’s day to all my bitches.

**yeah they’ll be some knitting content soon. be patient.

4 Responses to ““so what? so plenty!””

  1. yokoo Says:

    Baby, you’re watching all the wrong movies!

  2. Anonymous, too Says:

    And a happy VD to you, too! (Seriously, xoxoxo to you and the little stylin’ guy.)

    It’s been years since I saw that film. Had to watch the clip to see if Audrey was smoking a joint or just a Pall Mall. Cried when Cat was put out in the rain. Wondered how the hell George went from this to “The A-Team”. Nearly threw up when the schmaltzy theme song came on — but remembered a lot of the parody lyrics my family made up whenever grandmom made us watch “The Andy Williams Show.” (Ex.: Grave Digger, walked a country mile, then took a bath with Dial, Sunday. . .”)

  3. Lizz Says:

    Favorite. Movie. Ever. I start bawling every single time she tosses Cat out of the cab, even though I KNOW it’s a happy ending.

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