an open letter to tina newton

September 15, 2010

dear tina,

today i got my shipping notification,
and my yarn will be here soon.

i think i have a crush on you.
(which is more than a little confusing).

sincerely yours,


p.s. (to the readers) my friend jen is demanding photos of my blocked northern summer shawl. keep your eyes peeled later ok?

6 Responses to “an open letter to tina newton”

  1. Brooke Says:

    what’s not to love about tina?? I think we all kinda have a bit of a yarn-crush on her….and we will always have our weekend in Washington, right? ohh it sounds so dirty…

  2. depravedDyer Says:

    awww made my day. the feeling’s mutual.

  3. Jen Says:

    Demand. Demand!

  4. 2muchfun Says:

    I tried keeping my eyes peeled once. It just hurts too much and the peeler gets bloody.

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