September 27, 2010

so i gave a lot of thought of what this post should look like,
the post-funeral post.

i considered talking about all the things i hate about funerals,
the bullshit, the rituals that seem completely unnecessary,
the ones i thought were dumb,
that turned out to mean a lot to me in the moment.

but i feel posts like that should be the exception here;
it’s not the tone i want to perpetuate.

i thought about talking about all my travel drama
since there were some wacky tales to be told
of wrong plane dates,
lost passports,
and fun times with homeland security.

but honestly,
i’m pretty tired still.
i just don’t have the energy to relive any of it.

i am always thinking of you, reader,
and feel an obligation to do something to get the blog back on track.
i thought, i should do something outrageous and over the top,
something that is so bitches get stitches.

but then, i just couldn’t think of anything.

so instead, i’ll just show you this new bag my friend annette got me.

isn’t it great?