dear adrienne,

i feel that, even though you don’t know me,
i owe some apologies.

i’m sorry it’s taken me three weeks to blog about you.
i have problems with priorities and procrastination.

i’m sorry it’s taken me so long to read your book.
i bought it forever ago, but am just now getting to it.
i find it to be enchanting.
you’ve kinda inspired me.

i’m sorry i wasn’t friendlier at your reading/signing at the shop.
i had a random bout of shyness, and decided to focus on taking photos.
i see now that i missed an opportunity to befriend someone cool.

which makes my final apology that much more necessary;
when it came time to take a group shot with the staff,
i’m sorry i said the picture looks “great!”

clearly, i was only looking at myself,
and was oblivious to the fact that you blinked.


sincerely yours,