i did it bitches!

February 28, 2010

hours before the torch goes out, and while the usa and canada duke it out for gold, i cast off my sweater at 3:15pm est.
i did it bitches!

(mo is proud of me too)

working this pattern, i learned to do a lot of things i’d never done before including:

short rows
hiding wrap and turns
bottom up sweater
sleeve seeming
yoke sweater
extensive color work mixing english and continental knitting

i also learned that jared flood might be the next ysolda teague. the pattern was definitely unclear at times, and not easily modified to achieve a different fit. i would NOT recommend this pattern for the inexperienced knitter.

i want to say i can’t believe it, i can’t believe that in two weeks, i finished this sweater that was a real challenge for me. but honestly, i can believe it. i’ve learned that i do in fact know what i’m doing and that gosh darn it, i’m a pretty damn good knitter.

so yarn harlot, your team may have won olympic gold, but did any of those hot hockey men knit a sweater?

i didn’t think so.