i did it bitches!

February 28, 2010

hours before the torch goes out, and while the usa and canada duke it out for gold, i cast off my sweater at 3:15pm est.
i did it bitches!

(mo is proud of me too)

working this pattern, i learned to do a lot of things i’d never done before including:

short rows
hiding wrap and turns
bottom up sweater
sleeve seeming
yoke sweater
extensive color work mixing english and continental knitting

i also learned that jared flood might be the next ysolda teague. the pattern was definitely unclear at times, and not easily modified to achieve a different fit. i would NOT recommend this pattern for the inexperienced knitter.

i want to say i can’t believe it, i can’t believe that in two weeks, i finished this sweater that was a real challenge for me. but honestly, i can believe it. i’ve learned that i do in fact know what i’m doing and that gosh darn it, i’m a pretty damn good knitter.

so yarn harlot, your team may have won olympic gold, but did any of those hot hockey men knit a sweater?

i didn’t think so.

to review

February 27, 2010

due this week:
two papers
one presentation
one novel
one theory book

and, as you know, tomorrow evening my knitting olympic sweater is due.
of course i have to tink back a few hundred colorwork rows tomorrow before i can move forward.

how am I handling it you ask?

i’ve lost my freaking mind.

>shell shock<

of bloody course

February 16, 2010

i’m having an emotion right now.
it’s mixed.

i received a package today.
from sweden.

that’s right folks, it’s my green mist bohus hat kit.
the one i wanted to knit for the knitting olympics.

isn’t it beautiful?

however, i will continue on with my sweater.
i’ve made my commitment,
and some good progress.

check it out

two sleeves

and for your pleasure, bitches

some ribbing

the first 24

February 14, 2010

when i was little, i was a pretty fast runner.
looking at me now that might be hard to believe.
but it’s true; i was quite the sprinter.

today, i regained a bit of my youthful glory.

one sleeve and one cuff.

maybe i can do this!