February 2, 2010

so i have this little problem.
with monogamy.
at least when it comes knitting. (shut up you. i can hear you smirking)

if anyone is keeping count, i currently have five projects going, all of which are hundreds, maybe thousands of yards from their cast off. there’s my –

-shetland tea shawl
-noro granny blanket
-dandy neckerchief
-squirrel mittens
-michigan sweater

i realize many knitters share my problem.
and many of you have more projects on the needles than i.
however, i desperately need to complete something.
i need that high of casting something off.
this knitting sluttery cannot continue!

so of course, i cast on a girasole

(yarn is cascade 220 superwash in lichen colorway)

i am in love.