awake for rhinebeck

October 20, 2012

today is rhinebeck.
say hi if you like.
but please don’t sneak up on me
or come running at me yelling
because last year,
this chick snuck up on me
and i inhaled a piece of me chicken sandwich.

it was not pretty.

if you want to be in ‘nips with steven‘ this year,
all you have to do is ask.
i’ve got the bottle.

11 Responses to “awake for rhinebeck”

  1. Susie Says:

    So jealous! Have a great time! I’ll be there tomorrow and I can’t wait.

  2. Jenn Says:

    It’s karmic payback for all those times you scared us when we came out of the bathroom at work. 😉

  3. freshy Says:

    I promise not to sneak up in you. But I do promise to say hi and take some nips with you if I see you 🙂

  4. Kris Says:

    Wish I could go, stop by and see Susan and Susan’s fiber booth in bld 30 booths 13 and 14.She is my favorite yarn store near Madison Wi.

  5. Nancy Paris Says:

    Dear Steven,
    This was a ladies comment from last year’s Nips- “I love this so much it makes me mad.”
    There you go- that sums up my head. I am so f–king jealous.
    As you yourself nailed, I have my Bucket List. Webs, Soar, Maryland, Sock Summit (check), and Madrone and of course Rhinebeck.
    I made reservations for a play in downtown San Diego and night over at the Westin to keep myself from a silent soul wrenching sob over missing Rhinebeck another year.

  6. Nicole Says:

    Wish I was there. Have a kick-ASS time! ❤

  7. Have fun BITCH!!!!! so jealous, I am doing the road trip next year!

  8. Oh god… I wonder if the girl who snuck up on you and I are related… I have a tendancy to sneak up on people too.

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